Membership Fees

Our fees are simple and transparent, as they should be. No hidden fees or complex invoicing. You'll know exactly what you're paying and exactly what you're getting.

Membership - Age 0-18 $39/mo*
Membership - Age 19-49 $59/mo*
Membership - Age 50-64 $79/mo*
Membership - Age 65+$109/mo*
Not ready for a monthly membership?$99/one time visit*
Valuable Member Benefits
Annual physical examFREE
Unlimited office visits during office hoursFREE
Communication via phone, text, and emailFREE
Next-day and same-day appointmentsFREE
Simple diagnostic tests and proceduresFREE
Coordination with specialistsFREE
Simple form completion (less than 3 pages)FREE
Ear Wax RemovalFREE
Simple urine dipstickFREE
Pre-operative examinationsFREE
Blood sugar monitoringFREE
Blood pressure monitoringFREE
STD treatmentFREE (testing fees apply)
Weight Loss CounselingFREE
Strep swabFREE
Hormone Consultation Male or Female FREE
Commonly Ordered Lab Tests - Most labs are under $20 for members!
Complete Blood Count (CBC)$4.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)$5.00
Hemoglobin A1c$4.00
Lipid Panel (Cholesterol)$3.00
B12 level$5.00
Vitamin D Level$14.00
Urine Culture$12.00
Testosterone Levels$25.00
Influenza A & B swab$10.00
COVID-19 Antigen Swab$120
Optional Additional Services - Membership NOT Required
Basic Hydration Infusion$40 Member / $90 Non-Member
Nutritional Wellness Infusion (Myers Cocktail)$125 Member / $150 Non-Member
Migraine / Hangover Infusion$100 Member / $125 Non-Member
Gastric Upset Infusion$75 Member / $125 Non-Member
PMS Alleviate Infusion$100 Member/ $125 Non-Member
Workout Recovery & Performance Infusion$100 Member / $150 Non-Member
NAD Anti-Aging & Energy Infusion (250mg)$200 Member / $250 Non-Member
NAD Anti-Aging & Energy Infusion (500mg)$400 Member / $450 Non-Member
Glutathione Push (up to 1000mg)$40 Member / $50 Non-Member
Venofer (Iron) Series of 5 $1500 Member Only
Other Fees & Services
Nexplanon Implant Insertion (procedure only)$150 Member / $200 Non-Member
Nexplanon Removal/Insertion (procedure only)$200 Member / $250 Non-Member
Laceration Repair$100 Member / $150 Non-Member
Freezing a skin lesion (Max 3)$50 Member/ $75 Non-Member
Injection of Knee Joint$50 Member
Steroid shot$30-$35 Member / $40-$45 Non-Member
Antibiotic shot$15 Member / $35 Non-Member
Anti-nausea shot$15 Member / $35 Non-Member
B-12 (methylcobalamin) shot$15 Member / $25 Non-Member
Erectile Dysfunction Shot$15 Member / $25 Non-Member
Lipo-Mino Shot$15 Member / $25 Non-Member
After Hours Office Copay$20 Members only
Home Visit Copay$40 Members only

*A One-Time Non Refundable Registration Fee of $99 per family (same household) applies to memberships.

*One-time visits are subject to additional testing and treatment fees (ala carte pricing) as applicable.

C3 Primary Membership Family Discounts:

Family Bundle – 2 adults and 2 children $180/month

Single Parent – 1 adult and 1 child $80/month add and additional child for $30/month

We LOVE small business owners! - Discounted Membership Fees for Businesses Enrolling 3 or More Employees:

No Registration Fees – Waived!

C3 Primary Business Membership (Primary Care Only)

0-18 years old - $20/mo (with an enrolled adult)

19-49 years old - $49/mo

50-64 years old - $69/mo

65+ years old - $99/mo

C3 Plus Business Membership (Dental & Primary Care)

0-18 years old - $22.50/mo (with an enrolled adult)

19-49 years old - $51.50/mo

50-64 years old - $71.50/mo

65+ years old - 101.50/mo

All memberships include:

Discounted pricing on all services - labs, IV therapy, injection medications, etc.

Unlimited office visits during office hours.

Appointments can be scheduled after hours and on weekends for a $20 additional fee/visit- These appointments are available for urgent care only.

Most appointments for established adult members can be managed via text, email, or telehealth visit at no additional charge!

Home visits are available for the members who live within 10 miles of Forney, TX for $40/visit additional fee (Member benefit only).

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